August 15, 2006

Muslims are a problem

Between a third and 40% of Muslims in this country want to live under Sharia law rather than British law, with demands from mulsim leaders that Sharia be imposed in the Muslim colonies. 24% think that the 7/7 bombings where justified. There is a problem with the Muslim minority in this country and it is nice to see somebody recognising it in Al Guardian rather than blaming the victims. Polly is right that we cannot give these religious fantatics a veto over british policy, and even if we did it would make no difference as the Islamists have their own agenda. Unfortuantely her blindness to anything but big government means that she is not able to see the quickest solution.

Polly recomends getting rid of faith schools (something which would be good in itself), but there are currently only 5 Muslim faith schools in the country. I too would prefer no faith schools, but that is not the problem. That Muslims self segregate into their colonies is why, as Polly says:
local school allocations that allow 90% of children to be Muslims in one state school while other schools nearby are mainly white.
The kids are sent to the nearest school to the colony which will therefore become a de facto Muslim school. Not that much schooling will happen there:
In primary schools, the report cites instances of first grade boys' refusing to participate in coed activities and Muslim children's refusing to sing, dance, or draw a face.
That is when they are in school
They [Ofsted inspectors] also found that extended holidays in Bangladesh which run into term-time can pose a particular problem to pupils’ progress.
Polly suggests a solution to this would be bussing kids all over the place to make sure that the schools are mixed, so eventually friendships between muslims and everyone else are formed slowly breaking into the myth of difference that Muslims weave around themselves. Selective education, even the secular Grammar schools, will be of no use here and could be detremental as to get in would require that the child has not just the apptitude, which many muslims certainly do have, but also the attitude of wanting to learn, which many Muslim children and their parents clearly do not have. But still at the end of the school day the Muslim kids will return to the Muslim colonies.

What is needed is the breakup of the Muslim colonies. There is a tool to do this much faster than chipping away over generations through the school system, the welfare system.
more than 30% of British Muslims of Pakistani origins are workless;
due to
over 30% of working-age Muslims have no qualifications, twice the national average
from not getting a good education.

But being so welfare dependent offers a point of leverage that would otherwise be missing. Publishing the forms required to get hold of these payments only in English would certainly be a good incentive to learn for the majority of the Muslim community that are not fluent in it, and therefore cannot operate outside the colonies. Cut benefits and suddenly more Muslims would have to find jobs rather than relying on handouts. Which would mean leaving the colony and interacting with the rest of the country. We cannot force integration, but we can force interaction with a hope that once Muslims get to know the other people that live in the UK as something more than a cash cow they will not feel the need to self segregate and may even integrate. Reducing welfare will cause 'muslim anger', in the short term, but so does everything. That is not a valid reason for not pursuing a course of action that may lead to integration.


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